The Loose Threads Newsletter






Yes, after 5 years we are still having problems with certain GPS systems!

New Route to a great shop………………… The new highway 26 bypass opened. Highway 26 will take you a block or two out of the way. It runs parallel to the old road and totally around Milton. Old Hwy 26 has become Business 26! If coming from the South, you will take exit 8- Hwy 59 W / Hwy M. Get off 26 onto the LOVELY roundabouts. Go UNDERNEATH the new highway, proceeding West, through both roundabouts. Follow the signage for Hwy 59 West. You will come to the first intersection  with Tastee Bites on the corner, turn RIGHT here. This is the old road. Stay on this for approximately 3/4 of a mile. Loose Threads is on THE LEFT SIDE OF THIS road! It will only be a few minutes out of the way. Remember a trip to a great quilt shop is worth the effort. I guarantee your GPS’s will be recalculating you all over the place. Please DO Not attempt to use your GPS unless it is updated. Garman seems to take everyone to the same corn field.  Be sure to call if you get lost-608-868-7912. 

Okay so this year you don’t end up in the corn field…now you are taken to the Milton Public Works area.  On your GPS try putting in Oak Ridge Golf Course. We are located across the street. Also you can try 8005 Janesville St. So sorry, this really has been a nightmare.